Caring for the Environment


Creating beautiful products does not have to be at the expense of the planet. That’s why here at Abacus Cards we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and are actively working towards ensuring that all of our products are of the highest environmental integrity as possible.



Our products are all designed and printed in the UK, reducing the environmental cost of importing goods from overseas.



We use environmentally friendly FSC paper and board. The FSC logo carries the printers certificate number that is part of the chain of custody, that can be traced back to the material, the supplier and ultimately back to the material source itself.

Each certified company is externally audited to ensure FSC procedures are adhered to and maintained to current standard.


WWF considers FSC to be the most credible forest certification standard, because it incorporates the strongest environmental and social safeguards, as well as balanced governance and membership. Compared to other forest certification standards, FSC has the most rigorous requirements for safeguarding HCVs, chemical use, community benefits, indigenous rights, stakeholder engagement and transparency.
(Taken from WWF Report 2015 Profitability and Sustainability in Responsible Forestry)


The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, is an international non-profit forest certification and labelling system that was established to offer a single, easily recognisable label for wood and forest products that consumers can trust. This label certifies that forest products come from responsibly managed forests.


Founded in 1993 through the collaborative efforts of more than 100 participants representing economic, social, indigenous and environmental interests, the FSC issues certificates for well managed forests.


The FSC has grown rapidly since it began. It has over 800 members in over 80 countries on 5 continents - from large players in forestry to smaller companies, from community forestry groups to indigenous peoples' organisations, from environmental organisations to progressive forestry and wood retail companies - all working in a balanced partnership to improve forest management worldwide. Greenpeace is a founding member.
(Taken from Greenpeace International home pages on internet)



Our paper sourcing policy is available to read here.



A Statement re FSC and SMETA from our major print supplier can be read here.



Our waste, from both our office and warehouse facility is segregated, with as much as possible being sent for recycling.


Our warehouse facilitator uses biodegradable air cushions as packaging for our boxes, supplied by Green Light Products. They also bail all cardboard, shrink-wrap and plastic waste (which equates to 80% of their waste) this is then collected for pulping. They use two companies for this service:


Bolton Brothers Ltd / Euro-Shred DD web: and


BIG Business recycling and waste management experts web: